WVT-Handbücher zur Literatur- und Kulturdidaktik, Band 4
Christian Ludwig, Frank Erik Pointner (Eds.)

Teaching Comics in the Foreign Language Classroom

Although comics have become an essential part of the university curricula, schools are still reluctant as far as the use of graphic fiction in the classroom is concerned. This book is meant to contribute to the efforts to close the gap that still exists between secondary and tertiary education when it comes to taking account of one of the most popular cultural manifestations. It will do so by concentrating on the use of comics in diverse learning and teaching scenarios at primary and secondary levels. Consequently, the present volume will provide a general introduction to the teaching of the comic medium in its own right. Most of all, it combines current approaches to EFL methodology such as CLIL and intercultural communication and how comic books can contribute to the success of learner-centred language learning.

“Teaching Comics in the Foreign Language Classroom is a very well-researched and highly readable book. It provides a thorough introduction to the field by bringing together comics-, ELT-, literature and culture-related theoretical perspectives. Moreover, the theories are applied to concrete topics ranging from Shakespeare comics to case studies on 9/11 graphic novels or a comic book on Nelson Mandela. This is a book that both academics and teachers will highly value.” Werner Delanoy

Inhaltsverzeichnis / Table of Contents (PDF)

Rezension (Literaturwissenschaftliches Jahrbuch 57 (2016) / Seiten 265-269)

ISBN 978-3-86821-484-0, kt., 318 S., 165 Abb., € 30,00 (2013)

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