Ansgar Nünning & Jürgen Schlaeger (Eds.):
English Studies Today - Recent Developments and New Directions


Ansgar Nünning & Jürgen Schlaeger
"Quo vadis, Anglistik?" 
Recent Trends in and Challenges for English Studies

Bernd Kortmann
English Linguistics Today –
Its Current Situation and Future Perspectives

Ursula Lenker & Hans Sauer

English Historical Linguistics in the German-Speaking Countries:
Continuations and New Departures

Andrew James Johnston
The Crisis of Medieval English Studies in Germany:
Problems and Perspectives

Andreas Höfele
Wallflower or Gold Standard? Shakespeare Studies in Germany

Doris Feldmann
Beyond Difference? Recent Developments in Postcolonial
and Gender Studies

Hubert Zapf
New Directions in American Literary Studies: Ecocriticism
and the Function of Literature as Cultural Ecology

Roy Sommer
From Cultural Studies to the Study of Culture:
Key Concepts and Methods

Angela Krewani
The Beginning of a Wonderful Friendship?
English and Media Studies

Thomas Rommel
New Directions in Digital Studies

Jürgen Schlaeger
The Future of English Studies in Europe

ISBN 978-3-88476-979-9, 248 S., geb., € 28,50 (2007)

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