MOSAIC - Studien und Texte zur amerikanischen Kultur und Geschichte, Band 27
Barry Tharaud (Ed.):
Ralph Waldo Emerson: Bicentenary Appraisals

Between the 1982 centenary of Emerson’s death and the 2003 bicentenary of his birth, there has been a veritable explosion of scholarship on Emerson’s life, works, and times. Under the pressure of the publication of new scholarly edi­tions of source material and new theoretical approaches during the last thirty years and more, Richard Poirier’s declaration that Emerson “has already anticipated any degree of sophistication that might be brought to him” continues to be demonstrated. Ralph Waldo Emerson: Bicentenary Appraisals is a rich collection of essays by many of the finest Emerson scholars who continue to write about the complex and multifaceted poet, essayist, and philosopher that is Emerson. Of special interest in this collection are essays by James M. Albrecht, Alan Hodder, Gustav Van Crouphout, David Justin Hodge, and George Stack that extend our knowledge of Emerson’s philosophical relations and influences. Also of special interest are essays by Len Gougeon, Laura Dassow Walls, John Michael, Joel Porte, David M. Robinson, Robert D. Richardson, and Eric Cheyfitz that extend our knowledge of Emerson in his own times. This collection gives a broad view of many of the trends and approaches in recent Emerson scholarship, and is an invaluable tool for students and scholars as well as a an interesting ‘read’ for the educated lay person.

ISBN 3-88476-841-7, 432 S., kt., € 39,50 (2006)

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