Studien zur Englischen Romantik, Band 1
Christoph Bode, Katharina Rennhak (eds.):
Romantic Voices, Romantic Poetics - Selected Papers from the Regensburg Society for English Romanticism

The Theme of Romantic Voices, Romantic Poetics is a deliberately broad and open one, but it is mainly designed to cover the dichotomies of voice vs. text, presence vs. absence, spontaneity vs. revision, form vs. process, body vs. idea(l), centre vs. margins etc., as they become apparent both in Romantic aesthetics and in the literary and artistic practice of the time. The volume offers a choice selection of papers delivered at the 10th International Symposium of the German Society for English Romanticism.

C. Bode: Voice, Text, Mediality – Romantic Self-Positioning

A. Esterhammer: Romantic Voices, Romantic Curses

A. Harding: Rehabilitating Romantic Poetic Voice

M. Class: Self-consciousness in Wordsworth’s The Prelude

J. Gurr: Conflicting Evaluations of Sense Perceptions in The Prelude

C. Reinfandt: World and Voice

K. Merten: Plays on the Essential Passions of Men

Ute Berns: The Politics of Revolution

H. Grundmann: Coleridge’s Teleology of Language

M. Procházka: Between Hoax and Ideology: Biographia Literaria, Ch. 13

S. Allan: Ghostly Voices

R. Karl: The Powers of Metaphor and Self-Divestment

M. Bruhn: Keats’s Wretched Taste

N. Lennartz: Apocalyptic Voices

N. Oueijan: Echoes from the Orient in Romantic Visions

N. Roe: Leigh Hunt’s Juvenilia

M. O’Neill: Romantic Poetry and Some Twentieth-Century Heirs

ISBN 3-88476-764-X, 212 S., kt., € 21,50 (2005)

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