Filmgeschichte International, Band 12
Martin Loiperdinger (Ed.):
Celluloid Goes Digital - Historical-Critical Editions of Films on DVD and the Internet

Historical films are increasingly seen as an important part of the visual heritage of the 20th century. While many old feature films are available on video or through television broadcasts, most documentary films are not accessible this way for research and teaching purposes. New technologies  for storage, distribution or downloading of digital images bring about promising perspectives in all disciplines which deal with the history of the 20th century.

This volume is the publication of the proceedings of the international conference Celluloid Goes Digital held in Trier in October 2002, seemingly the first on digital editing of films and context material. The contributions focus on the state of the art in the field of digital storage, restoration, accessability and dissemination of moving images, and on methodological problems with regard to the organization of digitized content and design, on DVDs as well as on Internet platforms. The changing nature of films which are accessible on small silver disks or through the Internet is another, sometimes controversial focus.

ISBN 3-88476-598-1, 151 S., kt., 7 Abb. im Buch, 77 Abb. auf CD-ROM, € 21,00 (2003)

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