CDE - Contemporary Drama in English, Volume 8
Bernhard Reitz and Alyce von Rothkirch (eds.):
Crossing Borders: Intercultural Drama and Theatre at the Turn of the Millennium

Table of Contents

Bernhard Reitz and Alyce von Rothkirch
       Crossing Borders: The 9th CDE Annual Conference at Bad Alexandersbad,
       November 2-5, 2000

Jane Turner
       The 'Third' Spectator

Angelika E. C. Keil
       Postcolonial Identities: a Plurality of Experiences

Stephanie Kramer
       Postcolonial Experience and Intercultural Communication in
       Hanif Kureishi's Borderline (1981) and Ayub Khan-Din's East is East (1996)

Mark Berninger
       The Absence of the Intercultural? - The History of Anglo-Indian
       Relations in Ayub Khan-Din's Last Dance at Dum Dum and Tom Stoppard's Indian Ink

Christiane Schlote
       Satire and Sociology: The Performing Powers of Meera Syal and Anna Deavere Smith

Nüvid Mortan
       Creating a Multicultural Space in Theatre: Bahar Noktasi -
       Can Yücel's Creative Translation of A Midsummer Night's Dream

Edith Hallberg
       Shakespeare's Macbeth Crossing Borders: Violence and Reconciliation 
       in Welcome Msomi's Umabatha

Heiko Stahl
       "I won't answer to the name Caliban" - Négritude and the Master Narrative
       in Aimé Césaire's A Tempest

Beate Neumeier
       Towards an Intercultural Theatre? Variations on Shakespeare's The Tempest

Ulrike Hattemer
       Reading and Rewriting Shakespeare - the Anglo-Jewish Take on the Bard

José Ramón Prado Pérez
       Interculturalism, Subversion and the Quest for Identity in Chicano Theatre

Alyce von Rothkirch
       A Welsh National Theatre? Welsh Drama in English before the Second World War

Annette Pankraz
       Greek to Us? Appropriations of Myths in Contemporary British and Irish Drama

Stefanie Brusberg-Kiermeier
       Re-writing Seneca: Sarah Kane's Phaedra's Love

Heiner Zimmermann
       Theatrical Transgression in Totalitarian and Democratic Societies:
       Shakespeare as a Trojan Horse and the Scandal of Sarah Kane

Stuart Marlow
       Pushing at the Limits of Representation: South African and Northern Irish
       Challenges to Accepted Notions of Dramatic Discourse

ISBN 3-88476-464-0, 202 S., kt., € 20,50 (2001)

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