CDE - Contemporary Drama in English, Band 7
Eckart Voigts-Virchow (ed.):
Mediated Drama - Dramatized Media

Transformed Stages: Performance and Media Techonology

SAMUEL WEBER: "Between a Human Life and a Word": Benjamin's Excitable Gestures / JILL SCOTT: Re-casting the Human on a Transformed Stage / HELGA FINTER: Theatre in a Society of the Spectacle / PAUL M. MALONE: Cyber-Kleist: The Virtual Actor as Über-Marionette / DAVID KILPATRICK: Catching Up With Gertrude: Stein's Faustus and the Wooster Group / Margaret Hamilton: Terminal Desire: Enter Shop and The Necessary Orgy 

Transformed Screens: Televison Drama

KENITH TRODD: Mediation / CHRISTOPHER WALKER: A Funny Business: Producing Situation Comedy / DEREK PAGET: Acting the Real: Daramatic Practices in Television Dramadoc/Docudrama / ROBIN NELSON: TV Drama: "Flexi-Narrative Form" and "a New Affective Order" / JOHN R. COOK: "Start Big and Then Build": Sydney Newman and British Television Drama

Transformed Texts: Drama and Intermediality

EVERETT C. FROST: Contemporary American Literature and Radio Drama / Claudia Sternberg: "Return, I Will, to Old Brazil" - Reading Screenplay Literature / JOHAN CALLENS: Sorting Out Ontologies in Mark Ravenhill's Faust (Faust Is Dead) / JAMES M. HARDING: Historicity, the Cinematic, and Pam Gems's Queen Christina / SUSAN BLATTÈS: The Blurring of Boundaries between Stage and Screen in Plays by Sam Shepard and David Mamet / MARTIN BUXBAUM: The Merging of Information and Entertainment - Politics, Drama, and the Television News Media in the United States / MARK BERNINGER: Children's Games and Children's Plays - Computer Adventures Meet the Stage in Alan Ayckbourn's Mr A's Amazing Maze Plays and Callisto 5

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