CDE - Contemporary Drama in English, vol. 4
Peter Paul Schnierer (Ed.)
Beyond the Mainstream

Peter Paul Schnierer: Introduction: The Marginal Theatre

Margarete Rubik: Fringe or Mainstream? What is Marketable?

Jale Abdollahzadeh: De-constructing and Re-constructing the Gendered Gaze in Lesbian Theatre

Guy Stern: The Jewish Ensemble Theater of Michigan and its American Premiere of Motti Lerner's Exile in Jerusalem

Nicole Boireau: The 'undersea kingdom' of Gregory Motton

Christopher Innes: Beyond Categories (Redefining 'mainstream')

Stuart Marlow: Revisiting Top Girls: Mainstreaming the Alternative

Reade Dornan: Omaha Magic Theatre: Not Corn, But Babes Unchained

Wolfgang Hochbruck: Between Living History and Pageantry: Historical Reenactments in American Culture

Christiane Schlote: Other Voices: Latino and Asian American Theatre in New York

Regina Kneer: Contemporary Black Australian Drama

Eckhard Breitinger: African Theatre Today: Perception and Reception at africa 95

ISBN 3-88476-266-4, 153 S., kt., 18,00 (1997)

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