MOSAIC - Studien und Texte zur amerikanischen Kultur und Geschichte, Band 5
James F. Tent:
Academic Proconsul: Harvard Sociologist Edward Y. Hartshorne and the Reopening of German Universities 1945-1946
His Personal Account 

The secret papers of Edward Y. Hartshorne, an American Military Government official in Occupied Germany, are now available to the public for the first time. They bring keen insights into German society from April 1945 until August 1946, when Hartshorne was murdered by a German youth. A gifted Harvard sociologist and author of a prewar study on German universities under the Nazis, Hartshorne employed his formidable language skills and intellect in wartime to interrogate enemy personnel. Chance meetings with German scholars in Marburg in May 1945 convinced him that he was uniquely qualified to denazify and reopen German universities in the U.S. Zone, a task the military wanted to postpone until 1947. Forsaking early reunion with his family, he transferred to Military Government's education staff, created his own assignment, and executed it with aplomb. Always a step ahead of other officials, Hartshorne abandoned the punitive measures of 1945 and was already imple-menting policies of reconstruction - until death intervened. His vivid personal account offers an intimate look at Germany during its "Stunde Null" and provides a valuable historical resource for the postwar period.

ISBN 3-88476-321-0, 332 S., 13 Abb., kt., € 28,00 (1998)

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