Schäfer, Heinrich Wilhelm

Protestant 'Sects' and the Spirit of (Anti-)Imperialism

Religious Entanglements in the Americas


Latin America, the United States, religion and politics are ingredients in a beverage of explosive power. The four terms also denote a close entanglement. Historically, this relationship has been shaped primarily by the Protestant mission in Latin America and its Pan-American objectives. But mission was yesterday. Today, under the conflictive conditions of life in Latin America, a new religious style has been molded and, with the Latin migration, the religious field in the United States is changing considerably. The present book, with reference to the Weberian distinction between “sects” and institutionalized religion, renders visible the logic of inter-American entanglements by tracing and interpreting exemplary developments and conflicts. The narrative is framed between two important religious events in 1916 and 2016.

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ISBN 978-3-86821-855-8, 242 S., kt., € 29,50 (2021)

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