Kaltmeier, Olaf; Petersen, Mirko; Raussert, Wilfried (eds.)

Cherishing the Past, Envisioning the Future

Entangled Practices of Heritage and Utopia in the Americas


Recent political changes in the Americas have triggered new debates on temporality. The objective of this edited volume is to shed light on the background of these debates. In this regard, “heritage” and “utopia” are key terms used to explore the cultural, social, historical, and political entanglements within the Americas and their relation to coloniality, modernity, and contemporary neoliberal globalization. The contributions to this volume by well established scholars deal with important topics such as slavery, memory politics, populism and biotechnological innovations.

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ISBN 978-3-86821-804-6, 176 S., 3 Abb., kt., € 23,50 (2021)

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