Jungbluth, Eva

Narrating Diaspora Across Media

Narrating Diaspora Across Media investigates contemporary narratives of diaspora in three distinct media formats: novels, feature films and graphic narratives. Its methodology brings together distinct branches from diaspora studies and narrative theory, both of which show a range of theoretical developments since the 1990s. Diaspora and migration literatures have drawn increasing scholarly attention to literary representations of diasporic experiences and their distinct manifestations across the various historical contexts of global migration. During the same period, narrative theory has undergone significant theoretical and methodological re-conceptions - from the structuralist and text-immanent approaches in the 1970s to today's 'postclassical' narratologies. Narrating Diaspora Across Media connects culture-oriented and transmedial narratologies and examines the ways in which recurrent themes in diaspora narratives are realised across media formats. With the interest in representations of space and time, this study asks questions about relationships between content and form and focuses on such themes as the journey, history and memory.

ISBN 978-3-86821-746-9, kt., 278 S., 57 Abb., 37,50 (2018)

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