Hans-Peter Wagner
A Survey of British Literature (Vol. 1, Lecturer's Manual)
Part I: Renaissance to Romanticism

Geared to the coursebook for students, this manual for lecturers is intended to facilitate teaching, especially the preparation for the individual sessions. The course deals with selected literary texts by major canonical writers from the early Renaissance period to, roughly, 1800. The manual should help the lecturer to apply literary theories to texts while interacting with students in groups and using various formats.

Part A contains the syllabus with a short survey of the semester and the authors and texts to be discussed. It is divided into 14 sessions corresponding to the length of a semester. The suggestions for practical teaching offer concrete ways of dealing with the texts while integrating critical approaches reaching from structuralism to poststructuralism. At the end of each session, worksheets summarise the major points and issues, thus allowing to survey the material at one short glance. The manual also explains how different formats may be used in teaching (PPT presentations, lectures, short papers, discussions, etc.). Part B provides a detailed list of academic websites and electronic resources, the final part C contains three tests (modular exams), with reference to the tests in the coursebook for students; suggested answers to the questions are provided.

Innovative and highly practical, this is the first book in the new TESBA series (Teaching English Studies for the Bachelor Degree) that aims at providing "hands-on" study guides to be used in teaching English literature at the undergraduate level.

Contents (PDF)

ISBN 978-3-86821-658-5, 102 S., kt., 14,50 (2016)

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