Hans-Peter Wagner

Teaching English Studies for the Bachelor's Degree (TESBA)


The TESBA series (Teaching English Studies for the Bachelor's Degree) provides material for teaching and study in undergraduate courses covering

- British and American Literature
- Cultural Studies (North America, Britain, Ireland)
- Teaching English as a Foreign Language (Didactics)
- Language Practice

Each publication consists (in most cases) of a coursebook for students accompanied by a shorter volume for lecturers.

The material is selected by academics with a long and extensive experience in teaching such courses. The volumes are unique in that they provide "hands-on" material prepared and structured for one semester (12-14 sessions / chapters).

In addition to the entire course material facilitating learning in a variety of formats (presentations, lectures, discussions, short papers) they contain a modular description, detailed bibliographies, glossaries, and tests. The handbook for lecturers, also based on the experience of many years of teaching, is geared to the coursebook while offering concrete ways of dealing with the material in class.

Innovative and highly practical, the volumes in the TESBA series thus provide study guides at the undergraduate level.


Anschauungsmaterial 1 (PDF)

Anschauungsmaterial 2 (PDF)

Anschauungsmaterial 3 (PDF)