Albert-Reiner Glaap (ed.)

New Landmarks in Ayckbourn Country

This publication is a follow-up study to A Guided Tour through Ayckbourn Country, a book published in 2004. New Landmarks in Ayckbourn Country contains articles on the playwrightís work, interviews with and comments from Alan Ayckbourn on his work as a director-playwright. The volume focuses on his latest plays, written and staged between 2004 and 2012:

Drowning on Dry Land (2004)
Private Fears in Public Places (2004)
Miss Yesterday (2004)
Improbable Fiction (2005)
If I Were You (2006)
Life and Beth (2008)
Awaking Beauty (2008)
My Wonderful Day (2009)
Life of Riley (2010)
Neighbourhood Watch (2011)
Surprises (2012)

There are a lot of surprises in store for both those who want to learn more about Ayckbournís work and those who do not yet know him and his plays. A special chapter of this book is devoted to thematically related themes, various dramaturgical concepts and directional styles in Ayckbournís earlier and more recent plays, thereby giving insights into the development of his work. To what extent does this or that play continue from where an earlier play left off? Are stages of progress ascertainable within Ayckbournís work? To what extent have themes and dramaturgical concepts been further developed, replaced by others or left behind over the decades? What are the most prominent characteristics of his plays? The reader is provided with glimpses into how one of Englandís most prominent playwrights ticks as a creative writer and man of the theatre.

ISBN 978-3-86821-500-7, kt., 116 S., 12 Abb., Ä 19,50 (2013)

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