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Schriftenreihe Literaturwissenschaft, Band 28
Heinz Kosok:
Plays and Playwrights from Ireland in International Perspective

This is a collection of 18 articles on various aspects of Irish drama. Originally published over a period of twenty years, they have here been revised, extended and/or translated from the German. While most of them deal with major Irish playwrights such as Boucicault, Lady Gregory, Yeats, O’Casey and Friel as well as some minor figures like O’Keeffe, D’Alton, Macken and Behan, there are also some papers of a more general nature on the image of Dublin in Irish drama, the reactions of Irish playwrights to the figure of the Stage Irishman, and the image of Ireland in nineteenth-century drama. Taken together, these articles come close to a history of Irish drama as seen from a perspective outside Ireland.

ISBN 3-88476-172-2, 257 S., kt., € 25,00 (1995)   

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