Michael Heinze (ed.)

Literature on the Move

Cultural Migration in Contemporary Literature

Literature on the Move. Cultural Migration in Contemporary Literature wants to take up the idea of literature travelling - literature 'on the move.' 

Literary works enter different cultural contexts in many ways, by translation, adaptation or - in the case of drama - staging in countries geographically and culturally removed from the country of origin. They then transport ideas, concepts, traditions and stereotypes alike. Various works from cultural backgrounds like Canada, Britain, Germany and Jamaica are looked at from varied vantage points and analysed in the context of cultural migration, not only in relation to their contents but also in the context of their reception in different cultural contexts. 

The umbrella of cultural migration can be applied to all genres of literature, or media in the wider sense. This volume focuses on the genres of the novel and of drama, though. It thereby presents very different approaches to cultural migration and also quite varied ways in which literature can transcend cultures and transport culture.

ISBN 978-3-86821-271-6, 190 S., kt. EUR 22,50 (2011) 

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