Studien zur Englischen Romantik, Band 6

Lars Eckstein and Christoph Reinfandt (Eds.)
Romanticism Today
Selected Papers from the Tübingen Conference
of the German Society for English Romanticism

As a set of responses to the rapidly changing modern world, Romanticism has lost none of its topicality today. For the last 250 years it has persisted in all available media, and continues to shape a great variety of cultural practices in fields as diverse as literature and the arts, fashion and film, popular culture, the sciences and politics. Assembling selected papers from the 12th International Symposium of the German Society for English Romanticism, this volume is dedicated to the validity of Romanticism Today. It showcases how current cultural perspectives facilitate new readings of Romantic texts, as well as how readings of current cultural perspectives are inevitably confronted with the pervasive continuity of Romanticism. 

L. Eckstein & C. Reinfandt: Romanticism Today and How It Got Here 
D. Simpson: Wordsworth after 1989
M. Irimia: A Late Modern View of Revolutionary Romanticisms
P.H. Fry: Romanticism as Theory 
T. Rajan: The Psychoanalytic Turn of Idealism 
G. Sedlmayr: Reading Blake through Ricoeur 
R. Karl: The Brain as Emancipative Power Plant 
R. Haekel: Romanticism, Materialism, and Neuroscience 
S. Domsch: Welsh Indians, British Pantisocrats, and an Irish Poet 
K. Merten: Theatrical Subjectivity in Beckett and Friedrich 
R. Lüdeke: Media Politics in Burroughs and Blake 
K. Rennhak: On the Longevity of the Romantic Subject 
M. Butler: Of Delusional Disorders and Schizophrenic Selves 
S. Fricke: Representations of Jane Austen in Popular Culture 
E. Varsamopoulou: Dying for Art M. Modrzewska: The Romantic Myth of Slavdom 
F.E. Pointner: Hunt Emerson's The Rime of the Ancient Mariner 
M. Seidl: British Fashion and Romanticism Today

ISBN 978-3-86821-147-4, 228 S., kt., € 23,00 (2009)

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